The Sickening Triumphalism


Ein trotziger, wütender und zugleich sehr trauriger Text aus einem traurigem Anlaß von : „The Sickening Triumphalism of Trolls Who Are Glad ‘Tel Aviv Lefties’ Got Killed“.

I still believe that at some point in some future, the Palestinians will have a state, because statehood isn’t a prize that we, the Jews, get to bestow on the Palestinians if we think they are good boys and girls. The Palestinians will have a state because political and collective self-determination are inalienable rights.

And they will have a state because it is the best solution for us, too. Israelis and Palestinians are two national collectives who covet each other’s space and do not want to share our communities. Therefore, we have to negotiate and find ways to divide the space without violating our respective national values. Quite clearly, that means that we must separate into politically workable, economically viable and socially feasible states.

But right now, I feel, above all, terribly sad. In the end, when the rage, the hurt, the political expediency, the misguided zealotry and the vicious incitement all subside, we, Israelis and Palestinians, will have to swallow hard, start over and continue to try to learn to live here, separately and together.

Der vollständige Artikel ist auf den Seiten von nachzulesen.

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