Naomi Chazan: The opportunity in Israel’s political crisis

Die politischen Verhältnisse in Israel lassen einen oft sprachlos zurück. Der nächste Ministerrücktritt – wohin treibt das politische System Israels, was wird aus dem Staat? Naomi Chazan fragt in ihrem Blog-Beitrag für die Times of Israel, ob die Krise nicht auch eine Chance bedeuten könnte.

The emerging shape of the revamped coalition has sent shock-waves throughout the Israeli political system, with reactions ranging from alarm to fury and from surprise to outright despair.

Benjamin Netanyahu’s latest political move may be yet another step in the rapid deterioration of the Israeli polity or, to the contrary, the beginning of a turning point that will halt its dive into a dark abyss. Much depends on how the ever-growing circle of concerned citizens spanning large portions of the political spectrum responds and acts in the coming days and months. The choice is theirs: they can fall into despondency and do nothing, or, alternatively, they can come together and commence the long route towards Israeli democratic revival. Opting for an exit strategy (either physical or mental) means giving up on Israel’s future; raising a common voice for a decent society and making a concerted effort to ensure its realization offers hope for significant change down the road.

Der ganze Artikel in der Times of Israel hier.

Von Naomi Chazan ist eine immer noch lesenswerte Rede bei AphorismA im Rahmen der Kleinen Texte erhältlich:

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