Tectonic Shifts and Policy Dilemmas

Israel’s Domestic and International Challenges on its 75th Anniversary

27. April 202312:00 PM CESTZOOM / Facebook Live

Auf Youtube nachhörbar

The International Institute for Peace, in cooperation with the Herbert C. Kelman Institute, cordially invites to the online event with this Speakers:

  • OFER ZALZBERG, Middle East Director, Herman C. Kelman Institute for Interactive Conflict Transformation
  • RABBANIT DR. TIRZA KELMAN, Ben Gurion University; Talpiot Teachers College


  • HANNES SWOBODA, President of the IIP and former MEP


Israelis are celebrating their country’s 75th anniversary in a time of turmoil. From domestic political disarray to new regional dynamics, the country is experiencing unprecedented challenges.

To better understand these issues, our two guest experts will explore the tectonic shifts that have occurred in Israeli society and politics, and examine how these changes have given rise to the current state of affairs. In addition, the panel will discuss the transitions between old and new forces and how they interact, as well as the country’s social trends alongside regional and international policies under the current right-wing government.

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