Wie weit ist der Weg zu Gleichheit / zur Gleichberechtigung …?

Es sind oft nicht die großen Gesten und Projekte, sondern die kleinen andministrativen Maßnahmen, die am Ende zählen – Irr Amin folgt den Entwicklungen:

In the framework of a long-term monitoring project, Ir Amim has been closely following the implementation of a five-year plan for socio-economic investment in East Jerusalem called Government Decision 3790 for the „Reduction of Socio-Economic Gaps and Advancement of Economic Development in East Jerusalem.” Adopted in 2018, the Decision allocates NIS 2.1 billion for investment into a variety of fields including: employment, education, transportation, infrastructure, health, and more.

Although Decision 3790 is the first significant step by the Israeli government to attempt to rectify the longstanding neglect of Jerusalem’s Palestinian population, it is also unequivocally driven by political considerations.

From the outset, the decision was effectively presented as an initiative to further apply Israeli sovereignty over East Jerusalem, which carries far-reaching ramifications on the political future of the city and its Palestinian residents.

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