Genug Worte: Taten!

Joint Action – Changed Lives – Combatants for Peace

Aus dem aktuellen Mailing der CfP:

Dear Friends,

Recently we have been discussing the consequences of turning a blind eye. What happens when society turns a blind eye to injustice? When a police force ignores crimes committed in front of them? When an army officer determines who is worthy and who isn’t. Or when a government simply disregards the rights of an entire community. Well, we are facing that reality in Area C, and witnessing first hand the spread of violence, loss of land, and erosion of human rights.

As a grassroots movement, we are on the ground in places other individuals and even other NGOs can’t reach. We have been out in force to work alongside vulnerable communities to enforce their rights, defend their sources of water, and resist the occupation in all of its harmful forms. …

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