Es gibt auch andere Nachrichten... there is a place for you and me …

Link to all platforms: https://nanadisc.lnk.to/Hayati

Yael Deckelbaum: Today I am doing an act of love, and releasing “Hayati”, with a video clip that was filmed along the wall of Bethlehem.

It is clear to me as day light that this creation needs to be released.

I feel a great privilege to strengthen the voice that sees the other side, and makes room to grieve this reality as it is now, and still holds the faith that things can change through the power of love and healing.

I have been collaborating with Meera Eilabuni for many years now, and I appreciate our friendship deeply.

During the making of this video we met Razan Munayer, who is an amazing woman, and hosted us with great generosity.

I heard true stories from real people, and I cried allot.

To this I add a blessing that the walls of fear will melt within us, and that we will learn to live in peace.

Inside me I already feel that another wall has melted.

Thank you to all the amazing people that took part in this creation, credits in the first comment

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