Mitvims Blick nach Osten

Auch wenn der israelische Thinktank Mitvim unter der Überschrift „Crisis“ aufmacht, hier eine lesenswerte Zusammenstellung israelischer Positionen

The Ongoing Ukraine-Russia Crisis
Analysis and Reactions from Israeli Experts

Over the past two weeks, Mitvim has joined the global community in directing our attention and efforts to the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine. During this period, our goal has been to inform the Israeli foreign policy community and public, to provide context for Israel’s role within this broader international development, and to design Israel’s steps in accordance with the crisis. The current events have emphasized the importance of Mitvim as a think tank fully committed to strategic, cross-regional analysis of foreign policy and global politics with an emphasis on diplomacy.  The ongoing crisis represents a landmark moment in the status of the current global order. At Mitvim, we believe that a clear stand by Israel against the Russian invasion is crucial to reaffirm Israel’s place among liberal democracies, especially considering the recent erosion of Israel’s own status within the liberal camp. A clear stand does not negate maintaining open channels of communication with Russia or supporting mediation efforts between the parties. However, Israel’s clear alignment with the liberal world is crucial to address the challenges to its liberal identity both at home and abroad. It is both the wise and morally correct policy choice for Israel as the crisis continues to unfold. Our experts have provided a birds-eye view of the situation, as well as context-specific expertise about the influence of the current crisis and the long-term global dynamic it represents on Israel’s foreign policy. This includes insights on the crisis and Israel-Europe relations, expert analysis on Russia’s decision-making, the role of Turkey, and more. Our researchers have had a central role in policy and public discussions: they have been interviewed extensively on TV and radio, and published in various media outlets both in Israel and abroad. A selection of publications and media interviews can be found below.

Pictured: Mitvim’s Director of Israel-Europe Relations, Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu, and Director of Israel-Middle East Relations Ksenia Svetlova are interviewed on the ongoing crisis in Ukraine on Israel’s Channel 12 World Order Program, along with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs‘ Spokesperson, Lior Hayat.

Russia-Ukraine war may be a defining moment, Israel must make a choice
Dr. Roee Kibrik The singular reason for Israel to avoid completely allying itself with Ukraine is to preserve its ability to respond to Ukraine’s request to serve as a mediator with Russia. Yes, Israel is weighing many tactical considerations, just as every state does when called on to make a decision. Israel’s decision will have long-term implications for its relations with the US and Europe, which are its closest friends and provide it with the vital support it needs for its security, economy and identity. They, too, are asking where Israel stands.
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„Prime Minister Naftali Bennett meets with German Chancellor Olaf Scholz in Berlin on Saturday night.“
(photo credit: BPA/Reuters, Jerusalem Post)

„Poland’s Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (left) and European Council President Charles Michel visit the Polish-Ukrainian border crossing Korczowa-Krakovets on Wednesday and meet with people fleeing Ukraine.“(photo credit: Agencja, Jerusalem Post)

The Russia-Ukraine war is Europe’s hour to act
Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu
The EU – which seemed to be limping from crisis to crisis over the past 15 years, with its foreign policy in disarray – is shaping up in front of our eyes over the past two weeks as a significant proactive body, capable of adopting tough diplomatic decisions despite the harm they cause to its member states. Foreign ministers and heads of member states have consolidated an array of increasingly harsh sanctions as the war in Ukraine has escalated. This is the hour of coordinated multilateral action by peace-loving democracies. This is the hour of Europe.
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A new world order is taking shape in Ukraine
Former MK Ksenia Svetlova
My friends in Moscow could not believe what was happening when I spoke to them in the weeks leading up to the war. They had become so desensitized to the violent propaganda pouring out of state TV media outlets that they no longer noticed. Like so many in Ukraine, they did not believe Putin would actually cross the Rubicon. What can be said for certain is that for far too long, the West ignored Putin’s Russia and the internal processes taking place there. The future will not look like the past.
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„President Vladimir Putin meets with members of the Russian Security Council via a video link on Friday.“
(photo credit: Sputnik/Kremlin/Reuters, Jerusalem Post)

„Israeli Foreign Minister Yair Lapid meets with Ukraine’s Deputy Foreign Minister Emine Dzhaparov“ (credit: Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Jerusalem Post)

What does it mean for Israel to undermine the liberal global order?Dr. Ehud Eiran Israel has had ambivalent relations with the liberal world order. On the one hand, Israel was legitimized by a UN resolution, a key liberal institution. Israelis also broadly identify as members of the Western liberal-democratic camp. However, tensions between Israel and the standard-bearers of western liberalism have been heightened in recent decades. It is important to follow developments closely. They are highly troubling and could constitute an initial indication of the type of challenges facing the international order and Israel in the years to come.
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The bells of the liberal world toll for Israel:
Why taking a stance against the invasion is both the smart and just move

Dr. Gil Murciano
Israel’s position on the Russia-Ukraine conflict thus far is focused on the delicate balance between two seemingly contradictory considerations – its values-based affiliation with the Western camp and its realpolitik need for Russian goodwill. However, adopting a clear stance by joining the global liberal camp in condemning Russia’s invasion of Ukraine serves both of Israel’s considerations. It is simply the just and wise move to make. (Originally published in Hebrew in Haaretz)
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„Demonstration in Tel Aviv at the end of the week in favor of Ukraine and against the Russian invasion“(credit: Hadas Porush, Haaretz)

Mitvim’s Media Mentions
Media Mentions in English and Others Israel Weighs Its Neutrality on Russia-Ukraine Conflict (Former MK Ksenia Svetlova in MediaLine) Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: A wake-up call also for the MENA region? (Dr. Nimrod Goren in ISPI) On the Russian invasion in Ukraine, Israel is at the forefront (Dr. Gil Murciano in Libération)
Media Mentions in Hebrew WATCH: Dr. Maya Sion-Tzidkiyahu and Ksenia Svetlova on Channel 12’s World Order program with Arad Nir on the war in Ukraine (February 26, 2022) WATCH: Former MK Ksenia Svetlova on Channel 13 explaining Putin’s perception of the meeting with Bennett (March 5, 2022) LISTEN: Dr. Nimrod Goren on Galgalatz regarding Turkey’s role in the war in Ukraine LISTEN: Dr. Gil Murciano on Kan’s podcast „Between Biden and Putin: Israel’s Dilemma“ Times have changed, in this war Israel has a moral choice (Dr. Gil Murciano, Haaretz) Towing the line, Turkey balances its position more assertively than Israel (Amb. (ret.) Michael Harari, Haaretz)

Mitvim’s research and analysis provide an opportunity to help shape Israel’s future well-being. Philanthropic support enables Mitvim to lead in innovative research and the development of new policy knowledge. It maintains our efforts to promote Israel’s regional belonging and advance Israeli-Palestinian peace. We invite you to support our work challenging paradigms in Israeli foreign policy.

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