Arabisches Kino frei Haus

Film Programm LONELINESS / UNITY | الوحدة 
Kuratiert von Irit Neidhardt (mec film) ab 3.2. 2022 für vier Wochen bei AFLAMUNA online
Ohne Geoblocking, ohne Gebühren, mit Registrierung
(das arabische Wort für Einsamkeit und Einheit ist im Arabischen identisch | in Arabic the word for loneliness and unity is the same)

Curatorial text by Irit Neidhardt

Many posters of Arab arthouse films of the past ten years show someone from behind or leaving, sometimes looking away. In rare cases where a character is looking at the camera there is still a distance, be it created by a curtain or by the person standing far afield. When the films show in Europe, the programmers usually do not use these posters. They look for a film still with the protagonist making eye contact with the viewer as is custom for the promotion of Western movies. As a distributor of several of these films, I first found this disturbing. Don’t programmers see that the person needs protection? At the same time, didn’t the director make the film to connect with the world? Looking at older Arab film-posters, it appears that protagonists of films dealing with loneliness are less hidden. What role does loneliness play in Arab cinema, and how did it change over time? Loneliness, the mental pain of being isolated, always relates to the social. It seems to be specific to the Arabic language, though, that the word for loneliness, wehda, also means unity. For example, in English, French, or German, loneliness and unity are antipodes. Painful isolation has been integral to Arab cinema since its inception. continue in English | in Arabic    
Die Filme | The Films (all Filme in arabischer Sprache mit englischen Untertiteln | all films in Arabic with English subtitles) 3.-10.2.2022

Fertile Memory (Michel Khleifi, Palestine 1980, 99 min)
Quneitra 74 (Mohamad Malas, Syria 1974, 20 min) kein Dialog | no dialogue 11.-16.2.2022
Man of Ashes (Nouri Bouzid, Tunisia 1986, 109 min)
The Memory (Mohamad Malas, Syria 1975, 13 min) 17.-23.2.2022
The Mice Room (Rufy’s Collective, Egypt 2014, 85 min)
Dry Hot Summers (Sherif Elbendary, Egypt 2015, 30 min) 24.2.-2.3.2022
Chronic (Mohamed Sabbah, Lebanon 2017, 99 min)

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