Das Modell von zwei Staaten …

Als Modell ist die zwei-Staaten-Lösung weiterhin „einzige Lösung“, sagt Mona Juul, eine der „Oslo-architects“ und VN-Botschafterin Norwegens im Interview.

“We think from the Norwegian side, absolutely that the situation on the ground between the Israelis and the Palestinians, 30 years after the Madrid Conference, merits increased focus on the need for the Israelis and the Palestinians to get back into the negotiating table,” she told JNS in a discussion at the Norwegian Mission to the United Nations. Juul was referring to the 1991 bilateral Israeli-Palestinian negotiations in Madrid that eventually led to the exchange of letters and the subsequent, secretive Oslo Accords discussions that Juul facilitated, together with her diplomat husband, Terje Rød-Larsen.

“It’s obvious the two-state solution is the only solution, and there are prescriptions on what that solution could look like. What is lacking, of course, is the necessary political will on both sides to compromise and to find that common solution,” she added.”

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