Kleine Erfolgsgeschichten…

Aus der Mailinglist des HolyLand Trust Bethlehem: Nachhaltigkeit im C-Gebiet

We know here that the natural world speaks of the sacred, that seemingly insignificant people can bring great change and unexpected good news and words of peace transform lives. We sincerely believe the projects we have planned for 2022 can be good news for the people of Bethlehem today bringing peace, caring for creation and working for justice.

This spring, we will start the construction of our Greenhouse which will be located in area C – the area of Palestine that is controlled by Israeli Military law. In this zone, the impact of the occupation is felt every day in a myriad of ways. Water is controlled and is in short supply, the land is wrecked by military installations and home demolitions and farmers are often cut off from their fields unable to tend crops and animals.

Why are we building a greenhouse in this area?

The general objective is to improve the social and economic conditions of people who live in this zone and do not have a reliable source of income. We want to ensure food security for them in this uncertain context – this project aims to increase the productive capacity of 1 dunam of agricultural land through greenhouses and give training and employment to five rural workers in the target location.

This project will sustain itself as workers are supported to grow and sell vegetables. It will create a source of income and high quality products, strengthen the agricultural sector and enhance family participation in generating income in the Palestinian society. It will stimulate the economy and improve the economic situation of the unemployed workers. The project will serve the needs of the local Palestinian community. This project is fulfilling the Palestinian people needs in having income generating projects.

Your kind support has provided 60% of the money needed to launch this new initiative, but to be able to accomplish the project we need to raise more funds. Your donation will change lives, protect the sacred land and speak to people of hope, justice and a more secure future. Help us today to be good news to the people of Palestine.  

Read the success story of our 2017 green house project around Bethlehem area

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