Neunzehn Mal …

Eine Serie von Portraits … Neunzehn Frauen des Jahrgangs 1991 | Von Nadine Nashef

Hadiyeh | Haia | Dana | Maria | Duaa | Ghada | Haya | Lena | Mai | Nadeen | Rawan | Sajeda | Sameja | Siwar | Waad | Wakar | Serene

Series of 17 photographs, scanned 8×10 negatives, giclée prints; 2021.

This project began from thoughts about my network of women who have been supportive, safe and influential in my life, especially since I moved to living on my own. These thoughts slowly formed into a desire to situate myself among a generation of women who I feel are living in a time where Palestinian society is going through slow but radical change. A generation who slowly was pushing societal boundaries and questioning their roles in unexpected ways.
As I turn 30 this year, I decided to seek out  Palestinian women who were born in the same year as me to try and create a picture of where we stand today. The result is this work in progress which currently includes 17 portraits of Palestinian women all born in 1991. The portraits were made mainly using a large format film camera and were taken in the place each person feels is their own or their home.

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