Eisenbahn – Online…

Online historic Middle East railway tour

Was noch nicht gehr, oder was noch nicht wieder geht, geht online eben doch.

Einladung Donnerstag, 28. [sic] Oktober 2021 18.00 (Berliner Zeit) – Kostenlos – Spenden gern gesehen …

Eine „Veranstaltung“ von Green Olive Tours.

Words like ‘online’ and ‘historic’ may not usually go together when you think of a tour! But now you can join Green Olive for a special online event to explore how war, religion, and economics have driven the development of trains in Israel, Palestine, Jordan and beyond.
Nowhere else on the planet have railways connected three continents and been at the centre of such intense politics. At various points the story is driven by a desire to wage war and to pray for peace. It involves Arabs and Jews, South Africans and Turks, British and French.
The tour will cover it all; from the Ottoman era when the Middle East’s first railway linked Jaffa with Jerusalem and the Hejaz Express brought pilgrims to Islam’s holy cities; to British attempts to cross the Suez Canal and navigate the mountainous Lebanese coast; or even future plans to once again see international rail cross the Jordan and connect us to the Gulf.
All aboard!

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