Nicht Naivität, sondern eine Alternative!

Im Angesicht der sich zuspitzenden Situation in Jerusalem, insbesondere rund um den Haram-al-Shareef/Tempelberg hier eine Nachricht vom heutigen Abend (07. Mai 2021), die für ein anderes Jerusalem steht:

Standing together |

The situation in Jerusalem is reaching boiling point.

The racists of Lehava are marching through the streets chanting “death to Arabs”, police are using extreme violence against Palestinians who live in the city, and settler organizations are closer than ever to dispossessing dozens of Palestinian families from their homes in the neighborhood of Sheikh Jarrah. And it’s not about to end.

This coming Monday, to mark the annual Jerusalem Day, thousands of far-right Israelis will participate in the “Flag Parade” in which they’ll march through the Old City’s Muslim Quarter, chanting slogans of hatred, incitement and racism. As for us, we’re organizing to stop them.

We know that another way is possible. Just imagine that on Jerusalem Day the city could instead be filled with a clear and concise message: that this place is a home for all of us, Arabs and Jews. That’s what we’re planning to do in the face of the Flag Parade – to put up signs and distribute thousands of flyers with a message of hope instead of hatred.

In order for us to be able to do that, we’re asking for your support. Each donation of $15 will allow us to print 10 signs, and with each donation of $30 we can distribute 50 flyers in the city. Can you contribute so that we can paint Jerusalem with a message of hope and partnership? Yes! I will donate Jerusalem belongs to all of us, Arabs and Jews. On Monday, we mustn’t abandon the city’s streets to those who seek to spread racism and hatred. Help us show that there is an alternative – that peace, equality and partnership can radiate from Jerusalem instead of yet more news of violence and incitement. In recent weeks, we’ve already started work to make this vision a reality. We’ve been out in the field talking to Palestinian business owners in the Old City, and we know that we can succeed. But in order for us to do that, we need your help. Can you support our action? I will support your action Thank you for your support, 

The Jerusalem chapter members

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