Drei Säulen für einen Neuanfang

Die International Crisis Group hat zusammen mit United States/Middle East Project (USMEP) eine Initiative lanciert, was für einen Neustart der Friedensbemühungen im israelisch-palästinensischen Kontext von der neuen US-Adminstration unternommen werden sollte.

Die Langfassung findet sich hier.

Three Pillars for a New U.S. Approach to Peace in Israel-Palestine

Come January 2021, the Biden administration will face the responsibility of mitigating harm caused by President Trump’s destructive policy toward the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Its challenge will be to undo Trump’s legacy without merely rewinding the tape to the situation that existed prior to his presidency.

1. Mitigate the damage of the Trump legacy and replace an emphasis on perpetuating the peace process with one centred around protecting the rights and well-being of people on the ground.

2. Desist from actions that enable and empower Israeli policies seeking to prevent any peace deal or Palestinian state, including emboldening political actors

3. Help facilitate and encourage the Palestinians to undertake their own political renewal, …

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