Yeshayahu Leibowitz Award an Drin. Ruchama Marton (PHR)

Anfang April 2019 hat Yesh Gvul (Es gibt eine Grenze) seinen Yeshayahu Leibowitz Preis an Ruchama Marton verliehen. Ihre Dankesrede bei der Entgegennahme des Preises lohnt die Lektüre, sie ist das Dokument einer radikalen Humanistin:

The right to political participation is indispensable. It is what makes man superior to beast [Ecclesiastes 3:19]. Without political rights, all the other rights, important as they are, amount to little more than animal rights slogans. Fighting for the right to access a clinic in the occupied territories is like fighting for feeding troughs for horses. The totalitarian regime reduces the citizen to “a beneficiary of rights” – the right to eat, the right to inhabit, the right to an education, the right to healthcare – which can be denied or extended as need be, transforming human beings into critters. Those who fight for less than political rights for all, fight only to better their own image.


Photo: (c) Drin. Ruchama Marton (Physicians for Human Rights – Israel)

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