Mehr als eine „Ergänzung“ zur Haggadah

Befreiung erinnern – für heute… ein Hinweis an diesem Tag, an dem Karfreitag und Seder sich begegnen, auf das Wirken von Tikkun in den USA

Whether or not you are Jewish or do a Passover Seder, you might find some of the ideas in this guide to Passover and its universal message in Beyt-Tikkun-Haggadah-2019 which presents a vision of Judaism that you’ll rarely hear, even in some of the most progressive celebrations of the Seder.

A Note to Non-Jews:
You are very welcome at our Seder!!! Jesus was a Jew, and the Last Supper was a Seder. Muhammed deeply appreciated and made cultural appropriation of sections of the Hebrew Bible. Our supplement affirms the liberatory message that is part of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam, and is found in many other religious and spiritual traditions as well. You may find some of this ritual helpful if you create your own rite to celebrate the key insight of Easter or of any of the spring holidays of the world: that rebirth, renewal, and transformation are possible, and that we are not stuck in the dark, cold, and deadly energies of winter. Judaism builds on that universal experience of nature and adds another dimension: it suggests that the class structure (slavery, feudalism, capitalism, or neoliberal imperialism) can be overcome, and that we human beings, created in the image of the Transformative Power of the Universe (God), can create a world based on love, generosity, justice and peace. …



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