Eine wichtige Stimme zum Shoa-Gedenktag

Am 29. Januar 2019 hatte ich in (West-)Jerusalem Gelegenheit mit Rabbiner Michael Melchior zu sprechen (Religious Peace Initiative – Er war 2017 in Berlin unser Gast und hatte dabei zu einer Vielzahl von Institutionen Kontakte geknüpft), als er gerade seine einleitenden Worte zu einem Artikel von Mohammad Al-Issa (Mohammad Al-Issa ist der Generalsekretär der Muslim World League und Präsident der International Organization of Muslim Scholars, mit Sitz im saudischen Mekka) auf seiner Website gestellt hatte:

Sheikh Dr. Mohammed Al-Issa is a great leader of the Muslim world. The Muslim World League, under his leadership, has significant religious centers in 57 Muslim countries around the world. He is impressive, courageous and ground-breaking and is also a major force for Religious Peace in the Middle East. Many people are skeptical and afraid of the way our world is moving.Leaders like Sheikh Mohammed Al-Issa and articles like the article I am sharing with you from this week’s Washington Post, (that is quoted all over the Arab world), gives me great encouragement that we Jews, Muslims, Christians and all people of serious good faith can move the world to a much better place if we lift in unison.

Eine solche beachtliche Stimme zeigt, wie sehr wir zusammen an einer Welt arbeiten können, die derartiges nie wieder geschehen lassen will – R. Zimmer-Winkel| diAk

Why Muslims from Around the World should Remember the Holocaust
by Mohammad Al-Issa

Seventy-four years ago, the gates of the Auschwitz death camp were torn down, and the Nazis could no longer hide their heinous crimes. For decades, however, some have chosen not to see what really happened wherever the Nazis and their henchmen wielded power. Instead, they deny the horrors of a diabolical plan to implement a hateful idea of racial purity that ultimately led to the murder of millions of innocent men, women and children — including six million Jews.

I urge all Muslims to learn the history of the Holocaust, to visit memorials and museums to this horrific event, and to teach its lessons to their children. As adherents to a faith committed to tolerance, coexistence and respect for the dignity of all mankind, we share a responsibility to confront those who would carry Adolf Hitler’s torch today, and to join hands with people of goodwill of all nations and faiths to prevent genocide wherever it threatens innocent lives.

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