Das Kalenderblatt vom Februar 2018

An dieser Stelle präsentieren wir in jedem Monats Kalenderblatt aus dem diAk-Kalender für das Jahr 2018 (erschienen als Ausgabe IV/2017) – ein Gespräch in Bildern…


Luli (* 4. Juli 1985)  and Yehudit (* 6. Februar 1985) met at the age of 18. Tey like to think of themselves as childhood fiends. Both born in Israel, they have each gone their separate path and their fiendship has become one of overseas. Te project ‘Visual Correspondences’ was born afer a conversation in which the two observed that the different choices they have made in life, and the places they have been, places they have called home cast a light on both the similarities and differences of their visual observations.
Using their phones, they began writing each other ‘picture messages’. Each picture
is answered with a picture. Te text was later atached to the pictures.