Ein anderes, ein neues Judentum?

Ein Essay in Haaretz von Menachem Klein, emeretierter Professor der Politikwissenschaft an der Bar Ilan Universität

„There is no precedent in Jewish history for the existence of a Jewish state that constitutes a regional power and rules another people. Never before has the Jewish people possessed a combination like this of sovereignty, power and control, which are being exploited to oppress another people.“

„As long as Jewish nationalism is bound up with Judaism as a historic religion and people, equality and partnership of non-Jews in sovereignty cannot be seen as just a secular phenomenon involving a division of power and government. One could of course argue against the self-determination of the State of Israel as a Jewish state, and endeavor to divorce it completely from historic Judaism and from the ideology and practice of Jewish supremacy. Separation of that kind would create an Israeli nation in which all the citizens are equal – a far-reaching move that has failed in the past, in society and in the Supreme Court.“

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