Playing with Fire

… und es gibt viel leicht Entzündliches in der ‚Heiligen‘ Stadt‘ …

Alarming developments in coalition agreements and promised ministerial appointments following the Israeli elections in November have left many of us rightfully worried about the future of Israeli democracy and human rights in the region.

The incoming government, comprised of far-right extremist and Jewish supremacist politicians, is shaping up to give their parties profound power and control over a wide range of politically sensitive and explosive issues in East Jerusalem, the West Bank, and within the Green Line.

What does this mean for Jerusalem and the prospects for peace?

Ir Amim invites you to join us for a virtual event exploring the implications of the incoming government on Jerusalem and what it means for civil society organizations active in pursuing justice, equality, and the end of the occupation.

The event will take place on Zoom on Sunday, December 18th @ 12:30 Eastern US | 17:30 London | 19:30 Jerusalem
Register Here for Our Upcoming Virtual Event on Dec 18

** Zoom link will be sent upon registration **

Featuring the expert analyses of:

Professor Naomi Chazan, Professor Emerita of Political Science – Hebrew University of Jerusalem & former MK

Nivine Sandouka, Regional Chief of Staff – ALLMEP & Board Director – Hoqoqna

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