The Second Wave of Arab Uprisings: Moving Beyond Narratives of Defeat and Despair

You are kindly invited to the first EUME Berliner Seminar in the Winter Term 2022/23.

Where: Forum Transregionale Studien (Wallotstr. 14, 14193 Berlin) 

When: Wednesday, 12 October 2022 at 5 pm (CEST)

Zahra Ali (Rutgers University-Newark) – Leyla Dakhli (CNRS / Centre Marc Bloch) – Magdi El Gizouli ( – Cilja Harders (Freie Universität Berlin / EUME) – Jeffrey G. Karam (Lebanese American University / EUME Fellow 2020-23)

The roundtable discussion provides an alternative reading of the second wave of Arab revolutionary uprisings that erupted in 2018, especially in Sudan and later in Lebanon, Iraq, and other Arab states in 2019. By moving beyond narratives and analyses that primarily focus on moments of defeat and despair, the panelists will discuss if and how the uprisings that unfolded in Iraq, Lebanon, and elsewhere ushered a new and important phase in social activism and political subjectivities that deserves attention. By addressing the role of new alternative organizations, including professional associations, syndicates, political movements, and other entities, the roundtable highlights some vital social, economic, and political trends common across various Arab societies.

If you want to attend the seminar, we kindly ask you to register in advance via

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