Neve Shalom / Wahat al-Salam zur Situation in Gaza

EIn Waffenstillstand, oder sollte man:frau besser sagen, eine Waffenkampfpause ist eingetreten und scheint aktuell zu halten.

Zur Situation im Gazstreifen das Friedensdorf eine Erkärung beschlossen und einen Aufruf.

Neve Shalom • Wahat al-Salam: Stop the attacks on Gaza!

We in the village of Wahat al-Salam / Neve Shalom call for an end to Israel’s attacks on Gaza. The one that has just ended was the fifth in recent years. We condemn every incidence of murderous military action against civilians.

Palestinians and Israelis everywhere deserve to live in safety without suffering and unnecessary grief. We all need a real peace that allows both peoples to enjoy well-being and freedom. …

From our village, we hear the booms and explosions from missile attacks and see the war planes on their way to bombing locations in Gaza. …

We are therefore initiating an emergency campaign to raise funds to send new supplies and equipment to Gaza hospitals. … The delivery will be carried out by Dr. Raid Haj Yehia, a WASNS resident who, in his capacity as a member of Physicians for Human Rights, makes regular journeys to Gaza for the purpose of providing treatment and delivering medical supplies.

Voller Wortlaut des Appells und Spendenmöglichkeit hier.

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