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Wie sehen Akteure in Israel das Agieren der deutschen Regierung im Lichte des russisch-ukrainischen Krieges?

Shimon Stein, ehemaliger Botschafter Israels in der Bundesrepublik, heute Senior Research Fellow am israelischen nationalen strategischen Institut INSS, charakterisiert in einer Kurzanalyse die gegenwärtige Außenpolitik der BRD und ordnet diese in die Perioden und Zäsuren außenpolitischen Agierens der BRD seit den 1970er Jahren sowie in die Regional- und Weltpolitik ein.

„There seems to be no country in Europe where the Russian invasion of Ukraine has caused a greater systemic upheaval than in Germany. The invasion roused Germany from the illusions that have guided its dealings with Russia since the 1970s – the “Ostpolitik” (eastern) policy. The collapse of the Soviet Union, the unification of Germany, and the (apparent) disappearance of the Soviet threat created a sense of the end of history and the victory of the liberal West. Enjoyment of the “fruits of peace” became the motto of German policy, bringing with it dependence on Russia, the United States, and China. Without the invasion
of Ukraine it is doubtful whether Germany would have taken the decision to bring about a paradigm shift in its security, arms exports, and energy policies. While this shift was announced by Chancellor Olaf Scholz in a speech at the Bundestag, it remains to be seen whether his determination will translate into action and be implemented over the long term.”

“Germany and the Ukraine Crisis: End of the Age of Illusions”, (PDF – 1568)
Shimon Stein, INSS Insight No. 15 86, 31. March 2022

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