Totgesagte leben länger?

Oder totgeglaubte? Holy Land Confederation …
Yossi Beilin und Hiba Husseini stellen in Washington (sic) ihre Überlegungen für eine Friedensperspektive der Öffentlichkeit vor

Haaretz | Andere Berichte

A new plan for resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict that proposes the creation of a confederation instead of relying exclusively on a two-state solution, and would allow West Bank settlers to remain in their homes, is being presented to Biden administration officials and the United Nations this week.  

The proposal for a “Holy Land Confederation” is a 100-page document that was been crafted over the past two years by Yossi Beilin, one of the architects of the Oslo Accords in the early 1990s, together with Palestinian attorney and veteran peace negotiator Hiba Husseini. Along with a small team of Israeli and Palestinian advisers, they met regularly over Zoom during the pandemic to craft their plan.

The effort was underwritten by the Friedrich Ebert Foundation, a German organization associated with the Social Democratic party.

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