2021 – zurück nach vorne schauen…

Am Jahresende doch noch einmal einen Blick auf die Arbeit von Standing Together, eine Arbeit, die ermutigt und Perspektiven zeigt … und die so ein guter Ausklang dieses Jahres sein soll!


My name is Suleiman al-Tihi. I am a student at Sapir College and live in Rahat in the Negev. I am also a newly elected member of the leadership of Standing Together. For the past two weeks, the far-right organization Im Tirtzu has waged a racist campaign against me while I was running for my college’s student union because they did not like the fact that I am an Arab and a national leader in the largest Jewish-Arab grassroots movement in Israel. So I suddenly woke up to an „investigation“ about me on TV, initiated by Im Tirtzu and aided by the far-right Channel 14 News. They dug into my Facebook profile and took posts I wrote at age 13(!) out of context in order to portray me as a „terrorist supporter,“ demanding that I be disqualified from the election and even that the college administration expel me from my studies. But it didn’t work. In the election, I came in 2nd place overall and was elected to the union! The student body at Sapir College proved that Jewish-Arab partnership can overcome racism and incitement.

The students at Sapir College — Jews and Arabs — rejected the attempt to create a divide on campus. The tremendous support I received, and still receive, moved me greatly. Im Tirtzu’s campaign failed because they are not really present on campus, which teaches us how important it is to invest in people and to be connected on the ground across the country. 

I invite you to support our movement so that we can be strong on different campuses and in different cities, in the periphery and in the center, and invest in change that grows from the ground up. Each donation will support the movement’s ability to train and accompany activists like myself. 

Donate Here

With Appreciation, 

Suleiman Al-Tihi | National Leader


Standing Together P.S. Sapir College, where Suleiman attends, is one of the tens of campuses and places where we are yet to have siginificant organizing efforts. We cannot overstate the frustration we feel when our activist groups in Lod, in Umm al-Fahm, in Sapir and Oranim college, and in Bnei Brak reach out to us for support, and we don’t have the resources to give them the attention they deserve. Standing Together is growing, and providing a political home for thousands of Palestinians and Jews. But with that growth, we need to develop our organizing capacity. 

Our ability to mobilize during polarizing times and make an impact is exactly because we organize, all year round, around our shared interests. At the peak of the violence this past May, we were able to mobilize and make an impact because of your support. And now we need you to help us organize, by funding two additional community organizers to our team that will be able to connect with our base, in the Triangle area and on campuses, to recruit, train, engage, and build new leadership. 

You can help us build hope

Mailing address: info@standing-together.org

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