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While this past year has proved just how vital our movement is, it also showed us how critical the support of people like you is. As a grassroots movement, nearly half of our funding comes from membership fees and private donations. Standing Together was a pillar of hope through some of the darkest moments we’ve experienced as a society for decades. And you have been our pillar of support. So, before the year ends, I wanted to thank you, and ask for your support. Will you help us build hope as we enter 2022 by contributing to our end-of-year fundraiser?

In May, a dramatic escalation of violence engulfed Israel-Palestine. Triggered by the government and settlers’ attempts to displace Palestinians in Sheikh Jarrah, the resulting flare-up between Israel and Hamas sent Israelis running to bomb shelters while their neighbors in Gaza had nowhere to run. But in these darkest of moments, Standing Together mobilized thousands upon thousands of Jews and Palestinians across the streets of Israel to stand against the violence, against the occupation, and for a just peace in which everyone can live free of discrimination and free of fear.

Meanwhile, coronavirus has continued to exacerbate the gaps within society, hitting the most vulnerable populations the hardest. Many of us can barely pay our bills at the end of the month, let alone have any savings left over at the end of the year. We know that things don’t have to be this way, so we launched a campaign to raise the minimum wage to 40 NIS/hour. Slowly but surely, we’re gaining the support of more Members of Knesset and a wide cross-section of the Israeli public.

All the while, our government continues to ignore the potentially catastrophic consequences of the climate crisis — some of which are already with us. Instead of divesting from the fossil fuel companies responsible for the vast majority of global warming and pollution, the government continues to pretend that this is a crisis we can deal with later. The climate crisis demands immediate action, so we’re leading the call for our government to adopt a Green New Deal that would fundamentally restructure our economy so that it serves the people and not just profit.

Our ability to mobilize during polarizing times is exactly because we organize, all-year-round, around our shared interests, building a political home where we can all imagine a society where every one of us is equal and free.

We know that we can live in a society that is good for all of us. An equal and just society that treats every person with dignity, and has a place for everyone. A society that chooses a life of peace, justice, and independence for Israelis and Palestinians, Jews and Arabs. A society in which we can all enjoy real security: with adequate housing, quality education, good healthcare, a decent salary, and the ability to age with dignity.

To see out the year, Standing Together is launching a crowdfunding campaign that will enable us to continue and expand our work into 2022. As grassroots, democratic movement, it is vital that 50% of our annual budget comes from membership fees and private donations — and this is where you come in.

This fundraiser is an opportunity for you to have a real impact on our work in 2022, and to be our partner in bringing about the radical change to Israeli society that we seek. So, will you help us build hope?

Help Us Build Hope – With gratitude and solidarity,

Sally Abed סאלי עבד سالي عبد  National Leader – Resource Development Coordinator Standing Together

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