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Executive BriefingNews about Jewish Arab Education in the Negev | August 2021

Breakthrough! Integrated Scouting is on the Map

Nothing is more powerful than an idea whose time has come.  Two years ago the prospects for integrated scouting were touch and go. Negotiations with the Israel Scouts Movement had just led to a pilot activity for 13 children at the Hagar school when the Coronavirus broke out, threatening to bury the whole idea.  Today Scout Troop Adam – Israel’s first Arab-Jewish Scout troop, has 43 members, and is expected to grow to close to 60 over the coming school year as we reach out to children from other schools.   Troop Adam is more than an opportunity for Jewish and Arab youth to hike and camp together.  The Hagar Association’s goal is to change the very paradigm of informal education in this country.  Our plan is to scale  the group and cultivate bilingual scouting leadership, recruiting and training troop leaders from Hagar graduates and their peers.  Utlimately, we seek to make the scout troop a financially sustainable and attractive option for youth around the city.  We’re definitely on the way…

und hier geht’s zum Weiterlesen!

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