Hinter der Mauer …

und jenseits der Raketen – gibt es auch ein Gaza voller Menschen.

In der israelischen Tageszeitung Haaretz fragt Noa Landau danach, was von Gaza in Israel ankommt, wenn es keinen Raketenbeschuß gibt.

„This is exactly the problem: During the days when no missiles are being fired from Gaza, and specifically on Tel Aviv, the vast majority of Israelis, including the Zionist left such as [Labour head] Michaeli, is convinced that everything is wonderful. The Gazans may be very poor and frustrated, but that is only because of Hamas. After all, we left there during the disengagement, even Michaeli agrees, so what do they want?

What exactly is the basic humanitarian level? Did anyone provide details? Is food or the possibility of transferring the sick not included in this category? In spite of statements by the defense establishment Monday morning, made after international pressure, that Israel would allow the movement of UN medical equipment and entry of aid workers and journalists, as of this article’s writing organizations such as Physicians for Human Rights were still forbidden to bring medical equipment into Gaza.

The declarations and briefings are clear: Israel has decided, once again, to apply collective punishment to Gaza. This is in response to a campaign of the families of the fallen and missing. As of now, it is not clear what exactly can enter under our grace and what can’t. Once again two million people are captives. And when the situation blows up again, Michaeli, along with the rest of Israelis, will raise an eyebrow and say: But Israel is no longer there.“

Hier der Link zu dem lesenswerten Beitrag.

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