Brief der Combatants for Peace

Mit Blick auf die anstehende Debatte im Deutschen Bundestag in dieser Woche, haben die CfP einen Brief an ihre Kontakte in Deutschland geschrieben, den wir hier – ausnahmsweise in englischer Sprache – dokumentieren:

We are sending you our best regards from Israel_Palestine. We remember very well our meeting in the German Bundestag in November 2018 and are happy to have supporters for alternative ways of conflict resolution in Germany.
We, Israeli and Palestinian members of Combatants for Peace, a joint peace initiative of former Israeli and Palestinian Combatants would like to address you today with urgency regarding the upcoming discussion on Israel_Palestine in the German Parliament tomorrow („Der BDS-Bewegung entschlossen entgegentreten – Antisemitismus bekämpfen“).
As Israelis and Palestinians, who work binationally for the sake of our both peoples, it is important for us, to raise our voice around the world, to find partners for peace and our joint efforts for a solution based on equality, justice, dignity and humanity for both the Israeli and Palestinian people.
We would like to emphasize that we see in Germany a role model of Democracy, based on values like the Rule of Law, Self Determination, Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Opinion. The de-legitimation of the wish of many people, to resist the illegal Israeli Occupation nonviolently, e.g. by not buying products which are produced in (according to international law) illegal settlements, is a severe intervention in one’s personal freedom.
Let us be clear – as an Israeli-Palestinian movement – not every one of us is convinced that a boycott is a right way for challenging the occupation. Actually, as a binational movement, we do not formally support the BDS-movement and do not advertise its campaigns. But we see the boycott as a legitimate instrument of nonviolent resistance to oppression and occupation, and everyone should have a free choice.
You should be aware that there is an ever-growing group of people, Israelis and Palestinians, who are tired of ongoing rounds of hate, violence and mutual aggression. Our joint Israeli-Palestinian Memorial Day Ceremony, this year attended by more than 9000 people in Tel Aviv and live streamed worldwide (also in Berlin)  is proof of that. Thousands of people sent out a message of hope, hope for a common future in Israel_Palestine, where everybody can live in security, dignity and equality.
For the sake of democracy, human rights and freedom of expression, please consider our words tomorrow, when you vote on the proposal to forbid German funding to specific Palestinian and Israeli initiatives and NGOs.
In our work in Combatants for Peace we are daily challenged by the fact that we are a binational group working together within unequal power structures. Yet we manage and have made it to one of our main goals to create community and democracy in which we negotiate our visions for a mutual future. Please support us in opening more spaces for democracy and speak out against shrinking spaces for a highly needed discussion on equal rights and justice in Israel_Palestine and worldwide.


With our highest esteem and deepest thanks,

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