Scharfe Kritik des israelischen Präsidenten Reuven Rivlin an Regierung

Der israelische Präsident Reuven Rivlin hat in einer Rede zum Ende der Sommerpause im israelischen Parlament scharfe Kritik an der israelischen Regierung geübt.

The central message of Rivlin’s speech was what he could not help but describe as „a continuous attempt to weaken the gatekeepers of the Israeli democracy.“ „We are witnessing the winds of change, or a second revolution. This time, the majority rule is the only ruler. The whole country and its institutions are full of politics. This revolution seeks to finally rip the mask of alleged hypocrisy off the gatekeepers. In
this revolution, the ruler is also the victim. ‚We’ll show them‘ is the soundtrack of the revolution. The stateliness has gone from our country, after us the deluge,“ the president added. (…) He spoke of a chasm „between the responsible attempt to the define, after many years, the breach in the relationship between the legislative and judicial branches; to delineate judicial criticism; to ask questions about the mechanism of appointing judges to reach a more varied and representative judges‘ panel, and between attempts to terrorize the court and weaken it, to actively invite the public to undermine its authorities and rulings.

Der gesamte Kommentar findet sich auf den Seiten von Ynet News:,7340,L-5032963,00.html

Chemi Shalev (Haaretz) kontrastiert Rivlins Rede mit dem offenkundigen Desinteresse der Minister in der Knesset:

Senior ministers were demonstrably uninterested in Rivlin’s speech, joking and sniggering amongst themselves in the Knesset hall as if they weren’t the first addressees on Rivlin’s list. The next day they sent out their attack dogs to cast the president as yet another traitor and left wing appeaser who is simply settling personal scores with Netanyahu. That’s more convenient, of course, than looking in the mirror that Rivlin held up to their faces and seeing the instigators, collaborators and enablers of a right wing putsch against Israeli democracy.

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