Standing together

Am Abend dieses Tages ist es erst einmal schwer, noch etwas zu sagen. …. Diese Stimme wollten wir aber teilen, auch wenn sie im Englischen verbleibt:

Dear Friends,

This morning brought many feelings: fear, confusion, and anger. We’ve been feeling these emotions since the first exit polls came out. We know that many of us feel enveloped by dread. Soon, Israel will inaugurate its most right-wing government ever. Another Netanyahu prime ministership, this time with Itamar Ben-Gvir and Betzelel Smotrich at his right side, is a dark omen. This upcoming government will continue failed, unequal, economic policies. It will undermine women’s and LBGTQ+ rights. It will deepen the occupation. This government will tell us that never-ending war is our only future and that Jews and Arabs will never live in peace. This government will never solve Israel’s most pressing problems. They’ll only make them worse.

And especially today, we want to offer hope – yes hope. The task ahead of us is huge. We must rebuild the Israeli Left. But this time, we will rebuild it differently. We will build a Left that tears down the divisions built by and benefits the Right. A Left that generates new partnerships between diverse individuals and communities. A Left that advocates for the interests of all those who live here and builds connections between them. There’s a long struggle ahead of us. In the coming days, weeks, months, and even years, we must build a new force to fundamentally transform our society. Together, Jews and Arabs alike, we will present alternatives to the forthcoming government, we will stand against its inevitable divide-and-rule policies, and we will advance practical solutions to our society’s most pressing problems. We will raise the minimum wage, solve the affordable housing crisis, and demand equality for the geographic periphery. We will show that there is a path towards justice, equality, an end to the occupation, and peace. We’ll show that it’s possible to build a society that doesn’t leave anyone behind.

Today, we have a choice. And for this choice, we offer a clear alternative. We choose to work together, raise our heads, and remember that we have a vision to offer all those that live here. We know that this will be a difficult journey. But we also know that it is possible. And that possibility – it starts today.

And on a more personal note from me, to those supporting us from afar: I hope you don’t lose your belief in our ability to change our reality – Palestinians and Jews in Israel. Your support and your belief in our work are crucial to our success, and we need it more than ever. We took this day within our community to process, vent, and reciprocate support. I am personally grateful to be able to write this message to you, especially in these moments, and I am certain I speak on behalf of all of us here. So THANK YOU. And tomorrow, tomorrow we will continue our work toward rebuilding our shared home.

with sincere gratitude,
Sally Abed – Standing Together

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