Die andere Seite der Erinnerung

What do you think of when you hear the word ‘Nakba’?
How much do you know about the date in history which the Palestinian people refer to as a ‘day of catastrophe’?
If you aren’t sure what to think, or how to feel about the Nakba, or you are simply open to hearing new perspectives, join us for the third
Combatants for Peace – Joint Nakba Remembrance Day ceremony, streamed live. 

Sunday May 15th | 18.00 Uhr Berlin
Facebook | YouTube
Arabic | Hebrew | English
The ceremony is funded by donations only.
Conflict is rarely easy to digest, but we must confront and admit the wrongs of the past, in order to make the present right. Whether you are Palestinian, Israeli, or an International ally, the Nakba is one of the most significant events of the conflict, and one which must be understood and heard by all. Join us to hear testimonies from displaced Palestinians, how it affects the collective Israeli mindset, and from Israelis who served as soldiers in the 1948 war.

The Ceremony will include keynote addresses by former Speaker of the Knesset Dr. Avraham Burg, and by Professor Mohammed S. Dajani Daoudi – Founder of the Wasatia Movement – Palestine.

This is a highly unique ceremony, and a chance to understand the roots of the conflict, so that together we can begin to repair the acts of the past.
In Peace & Solidarity from Israel/Palestine
Rana Salman, Palestinian Director             Yonatan Gher, Israeli Director

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