Rabbi Melchior zur Yad Vashem ‚Personalie‘

Die Berufung von Effi Eitam ist keine Personalie wie jede andere. Rabbi Michael Melchior schreibt dazu:

(…) Effi Eitam has a personal history that disqualifies him for this special position not because he was a politician, not because he advocates for the Greater Land of Israel, but because of his actions and his rhetoric.
(…) I am writing this not only because Holocaust deniers, anti-Semites and other haters will take advantage of it, but because this appointment puts us beyond the moral, basic red line that we simply do not cross. Yad Vashem is a holy place. I call upon the Prime Minister, the Alternate Prime Minister and Minister Elkin: find a suitable role for Effi Eitam, and save Yad Vashem as a symbol of remembrance and as an active challenge for humanity of today and for generations to come.

Hier sein Beitrag in der Times of Israel.

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